Proejct Bosnia, One Week and Counting

The students from the Social Work Response in Post War Bosnia class left last Saturday and the Project Bosnia students began arriving on Monday. I cannot tell a lie and have to admit that Sunday was a day of glorious solitude.  Krista was supposed to arrive on Saturday but instead she didn’t get here until Monday with the most extraordinary itinerary ever known. She can describe her trip but the gist is that she arrived in Sarajevo from Denver to Toronto to London to Istanbul to Sarajevo. I knew when I saw her finally come through the terminal at the Sarajevo airport wearing a London Underground T-shirt that she had made a major detour from her original reasonable and direct itinerary. All’s well that ends well and our last arrival was Ambar who was only stuck in Budapest for one night I think.  Everybody was introduced to their internship site last week, some put in several days of internship time and others will officially begin tomorrow. It is fun for me to watch the students get used to Bosnian culture, including the fact that restaurants may or may not serve anything that is on the menu, time is relative, coffee is sacred, ,this city and country are beautiful and most importantly, the people here are both spectacular and resilient and refused to be defeated during the siege of 1992-1995. If you are interested in our experiences in Bosnia please visit this blog often. Many students will be blogging directly here and others will link their own blogs to this site. I expect that if you follow our story you will be in for an incredible experience as you learn about Bosnia through the eyes of these enthusiastic and  insightful students.


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