Hike to Skakavic

Last Saturday a few of us decided to hike to Skakavic, the largest continuous waterfall in Bosnia. It was quite an experience. We caught a bus from Sutjeaska Street to Nahorevo (a small village just outside of Sarajevo). The walk from the bus stop to the base of the waterfall was about 2.5 hours. It wasn’t the easiest hike I’ve ever done, but the scenery was wonderful. Looking down at the city of Sarajevo was incredible. We probably stopped to take pictures every 15 minutes. The scenery became even more impressive the higher we ascended. I believe we made multiple references to the Sound of Music when we saw the fields of flowers and quaint little cabins near the top of the mountain.

The last portion of the hike involved walking through a forest. The end of the path allowed us a limited view of the waterfall. On our way out of the forest, we found a smaller path (I promise, it was a land mine free path) that put us directly at the edge of the waterfall. It was a little unnerving being that close to the edge (we were holding on to a few trees for dear life), but the exhilaration that I felt when looking down at the valley was completely worth it.

On our way back to the bus stop we stopped at this little mountain hut owned by a man named Dragon. He offered each of us a juice made from cowslip plant and a shot of Rakiya (Bosnian moonshine). Both were homemade by Dragon and surprisingly tasty. We chatted with Dragon for a while before going on our way. It was the an excellent day.

Skakavic waterfall

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