The picture below is a stand full of Dzezvas. Dzesvas are the essential component to making Bosnian coffee. Bosnian coffee, called Bosanska Kava, is a delisiously strong caffeinated beverage. Here coffee is more than just getting a morning jolt, rather it is a cultural experience. I learned the way it was made from the lady who owns the hostel we are staying at named Naida. She explained to Ann and I about the culture of coffee and its significance here in Bosnia. No ‘to-go’ cups exist here, the concept is completely foreign. So foreign that it would be considered a sin to drink coffee on the run, as we do so often in the States.

The Dzezva is the tool used to prepare the coffee Bosnian style. First the coffee is poured into the Dzezva, then piping hot water is slowly placed into it. Afterwards, the instrument is placed on low heat to acquire the froth of the coffee, and is stirred slowly until it gets hot enough that the bubbles rise to the top. The Dzezva is then taken off the stove, and with a spoon the froth is poured into each individual cup (used especially for the Bosanska Kava). There are several more steps to the coffee drinking experience, making the whole process about an hour long on purpose.

This is where the cultural piece comes into play. The process is intended to be timely for a reason, as this is the time when family members and friends congregate around the coffee, making the time to spend with each other and be close to one another. It is quite often that co-workers share a cup or two of this traditional beverage. Communication among peers, family, and coleagues is of utmost importance in Bosnian culture. The people live in the present, enjoying each moment of the day… living life to the fullest.



  1. This is in Bosnian. Speak abt ordinary Bosnian man who survived dramatic moments when his 3 yrs old daughter was wonded by sniper. In those dramatic moments he asked unknown sniper man to join him to drink cup a coffee and explain him why he shoot at his daughter.

  2. Without coffee, there is no chat and no talk!

    Commercials for coffee:

    Apeal to heve a cup of coffee to somebody means to talk to somebody.

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