Now that many people have moved from our hostel to a hotel, have begun their next adventures, or are just journeying home, Sarajevo feels empty. The place where you rest your head should be comfortable, but the company you keep is arguably more important.

As much as you may love a location and feel that it offers everything that you need to live comfortably, what do you have if you do not have meaningful relationships? I believe that it was hard for some to feel that Sarajevo was home while we were here because of the important people that were left behind.

As much as we tormented ourselves over the food we would literally kill for, we managed with grilled cheese, peanut butter and nutella, and various restaurants. Our normal diets could be supplemented, and we could move past the cravings. Important people are harder to replace.

I have missed my family and my friends who may as well be my family. They are the people that I cannot live without, and they are what makes me happy regardless of where I am. As we move on from Sarajevo and our hostelhome, I feel as if we may not have realized what we built here. We have made close relationships that made this place feel right. Although it was not perfect, and many of the relationships that have been constructed at home took years and many trials and tribulations, I felt a sincere closeness with the people I shared this experience with. They are the only people who will completely understand, who can laugh at an inside joke, and know many small details that outsiders may never be told about, but that made everyone closer.

Now that our group is no longer complete, I cannot help but feel that something is missing. The obvious is that people are missing. The less obvious and not expected is that this place is not the same. The people who I spent my summer with made this experience what it was, and their presence and crude jokes made me sincerely happy. I will miss everyone and the summer that we shared.


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