Home again!

When I left Sarajevo I could sense that I was both anxious to come home but at the same time not completely happy to be leaving.  There are so many things in Bosnia that were left for me to do, and by coming home I feel I am cutting my adventure off short.  I cant quite put a finger on what these things are that I would have done had I had more time.  They are, I think, the unknown adventures that I know would have happened had I had more time, and they would help to complete my experience there.

Being home has been a giant relief and a huge stress all at the same time.  This past week I was bouncing around from house to house and city to city saying hello to all of my family and friends, giving gifts, and exchanging stories.  I enjoyed that a lot but because of all of this activity I was unable to reflect on my summer experience fully.  Now that most of my friends are off to school now or gone abroad I have some time finally to slow things down and just begin to think about where I was, where I am now, where I will be, and how these all affect one another.

Since I have been home I’ve noticed that even though everything feels normal they all stand out as being slightly different.  Subtle things like the taste of food, the flavor of the water, the dryness of the air, size of the streets, the cars and the traffic, the sound of the music on the radio, the overwhelmingness of the supermarket, and easily being able to communicate with those around me all bring back memories of Bosnia.  As I’m watching the news Libya suddenly seems less exotic and violent to me as the camera angle pans out to reveal a friendly minaret on the skyline.  Walking in the foothills doesn’t seem so different now from hiking to the old fort in Sarajevo.  RMNP suddenly looks a lot like Herzegovina.  Seeing live music at Red Rocks brings back memories of TBF and Two Cellos.  Cinema takes me back to the Film Festival.

As these memories come back I want to share them with the people around me, and all of my friends and family have been very patient with me and listen with interest whenever I bring them up.  Right now though all I can do is prepare for the next adventure, which is just around the corner, and look forward to the day when I can return to Sarajevo and complete that one.


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