So I haven’t really been great about blogging that much this summer, but felt it necessary to write one final blog to “wrap things up”.

This past summer in Bosnia was absolutely amazing. I had the opportunity to teach, learn, build many valuable relationships,  travel and reflect on all of my experiences. The people I shared my experiences with and interacted with regularly made the time there that much more enjoyable. It still hasn’t really hit me that I’m not in Bosnia anymore, but I know I will be back again…hopefully again as a program leader and if not in that capacity then definitely for personal reasons.

At first, it was a shocking adjustment for me to be back in Denver. Now that it has been a month since I’ve been “home” I’m definitely much more used to the pace and rhythm of life here. Nonetheless I miss so many things about being overseas, but not just overseas, particularly being in Bosnia. I miss “Bosnia time”, my family, the PB group (not my personal space tho!), working with a variety of community agencies, walking everywhere, the delicious, fresh food, the call to prayer, late night pekara runs, relaxation, weekends swimming in the Adriatic Sea, among many, many other things. Somehow life felt a lot more relaxed or maybe it’s that I fully embraced the tempo and the Bosnian philosophy (one which is very much a part of me here in the US as well) while I was there. One thing I know is that even though it has been an adjustment being back, if I hadn’t adapted to life in Bosnia or life in the US or life wherever I am, I just wouldn’t be able to survive! It would be very difficult to live in a place and not adapt to the way of life in that community.

These few words are words I will leave you all with. I hope you enjoyed the few entries I’ve contributed to this blog. More importantly, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the blog all together as the other people who have contributed have written some amazing entries. 🙂 Dovidjenja…ciao ciao!


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