It’s a new day.

It is Tuesday, and we arrived yesterday at 12:30pm.  The flight from Denver to Chicago was not bad, then 8 hrs to Munich.  The flight from Munich to Sarajevo, I met Nias a native of Sarajevo, and practiced Bosnian language with him (he was impressed, I was not with myself).  We are staying in old Sarajevo, Bascarsija at Hotel Kovachi.  We had a walking tour of the area of town we are staying.  Kafa (Coffee) Turkish style and red wine from the Market around the corner as well as fresh raspberries, tomatoes and red bell peppers.

Today is a new day.  We had a tour by bus of the hills surrounding Sarajevo, and it is a beautiful countryside.  It is difficult today to put words together to describe the freshness of the war wounds surrounding the city.  All buildings are damaged, not one without bullet wounds even with the restoration in progress.  I felt ashamed as a tourist to take photos of the horror they went through for four years.  Our tour guide was 16 1/2 when he entered the Bosnian army to fight for his city.  At the start of the war there were approximately 600,000 people and over 100,000 killed.  The cemetery’s are everywhere.  We went to the small village on the east side of the airport where the tunnel was built underneath the runway to the city in order to bring in weapons, water and food.  I will post photos when I figure out the macbook I am using.

It is an emotional day….but am lucky to be an American, possibly very tired from the flight and need a day or two to adjust.  The streets are cobblestone, and the drivers, well, it is called each pedestrian for his own.  I was up before anyone this morning, at 7 am and had a wonderful walk up the cobblestone hill, as far as I could climb.  The residents walk from the hills into the city, and most are on foot, you don’t really need a car here.  Not many bikes and the hills would be too steep to climb anyway.  The weather is beautiful and not too humid.  

Clinton….I love you more than words can say.  Wendy and Dad love you the same, hi to all, the batter is low.. more later

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