Hello Bosnia blog fans! This is my first experience out of the United States (besides being in Canada which doesn’t count when you are from Buffalo), and it has been amazing so far! The plane trip over the ocean was difficult and long, and I barely got any sleep. I finally caught up on sleep (12 hours worth) by going to sleep my first night in Sarajevo at 8 pm.  I woke up this morning and bought a whole bunch of cherries at the market for a lot cheaper than it would have been back in the States. Then we went a bus tour of the City, beginning with an overview of the Siege of the City in 1992. Reading about how the Aggressors attacked everything and everyone, including hospitals was really impactful for me. The tour guide also reminded our group how 85% of the casualties from the war were civilians. I’ve really thought about these facts throughout this first day of being here and the more I think about it the more astonishing it really is. To think a place like the city of Boulder, being completely surrounded by people who wanted to kill everyone on the streets and then actually being in Sarajevo and visualizing how the war really was puts this experience into perspective. That’s all I have so far.



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