Summer 2012

And so it begins again……..the wonderful opportunity of accompanying students to Bosnia for the summer.  This blog is a continuation of one started last year with a different group of students.  The blogs over this first few weeks will be from GSSW students who are spending 2 weeks in Sarajevo. This is the culmination of a class “The Social Work Response in Post-War Bosnia” that occurred during spring quarter.  We will be learning first hand about the former Yugoslavia, particularly Bosnia, focusing on history, culture, religion, the 90’s war and the post-conflict rebuilding.  We will be visiting sites important to history as well as social work agencies.  We will learn from the faculty at the University of Sarajevo School of Social Work and will have the opportunity to experience Bosnia & Herzegovina’s  spectacular natural resources. Above all, we will have the privilege of spending time with the gracious and resilient Bosnian people who are always so welcoming of us.  Please share this blog with those who might be interested and feel free to comment.


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