With a grain of salt.

To begin, this comes from a place that I can say as a 22 year old is beyond lucky. I am so lucky to even be in the position to be sitting out on the patio writing this. Take this all with a grain of salt, or possibly a sea full of salt haha.

I began to wonder today, why is it that I find my self drawn to places of conflict? Why is it that places I find interesting are Berlin, Palestine, and Sarajevo? Each of them, I find my self at home inside of them. I think in circles, conflicts seem to have 1,000 different entry points; every single one of those valid, and maneuverable all with paradoxical equals. I loose my self in them. Today for the first time, as we were looking down on the city, I wondered if possibly the reason I find these areas so irresistible is because they live and breathe conflict, some obviously, not as positive as others.

After a day of exploring the city, this evening we grabbed a few bottles of wine, ordered some pizza, and trekked it up to the side of the hill. We all chatted about Nietzsche, and attempted to deconstruct the wild life we all live in. The city and the valley were incredible. As the Call to Prayer begin to play in each Mosque I could do nothing but loose myself and find myself—, all at the same time.

Sarajevo in particular feels so much like home because it offers peace in the chaos. My personal conflicts by no means even compare to the ones that have occurred here, but they offer me solitude that so much energy can be harnessed from the places. Energy that can be transformed from a horrendous conflict like that in Bosnia to being able to sit at the top of a hill and relish everything the city and the people have to offer. If I can even begin to refocus and to learn to transform the energy I put into conflict and strife in my life into something half as amazing as how I felt sitting there eating pizza. I will be quite on track.

This journey to Sarajevo, is quickly binding it self to me. The conflict is something that I am incredibly interested in, but the result has become even more beautiful to me. It gives me resolve that energy is fluid; we can find ways to reshape it and turn it into incredible things.

I promise to be a little more light in the next few blogs!

Sarajevo, here we go!



2 thoughts on “With a grain of salt.

  1. Very deep, Davis! I enjoyed reading it…and would love to discuss Nietzsche with you one of these day. Beatiful photo!

  2. Have a great time in Bosnia everyone! I’ll be following and updating everyone here in the States so please keep your great blogs coming! We can’t wait to hear about your experiences upon your return! 🙂

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