First Impression

Greetings from Bosnia!

Upon arrival in Sarajevo, it became clear how beautiful the city is. Everything is so rich and lush here compared to Colorado. It was interesting to see buildings still in sheer ruin standing next to brand new, shiny buildings. At times it felt a little uncomfortable to be observing the bullet holes that remain in most buildings and houses as I did not feel as though I had the right to bear witness to the atrocity that occurred 20 years ago. But beyond the bullet holes and “Sarajevo roses,” where bombs had exploded, the  culture and people stand strong. Everyone that I’ve met so far has been so kind and open. There seems to be such a sense of community here as well as everyone seems to be so willing to help another person out. In just observing people’s behavior on the streets, it seems as though the people here are more focused on connections than they are themselves, which is refreshing to see. 

The reality of being here began to sink in a little more after having gone through the tunnel that allowed for people to get supplies to and from the city; although, I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of brilliance and collaboration it took to construct it. The tunnel was impressive on so many different levels. The fact that there was gas, electricity, and water running through the same location for four years without one incident is incredible. The fact that people/soldiers walked through there everyday carrying their already heavy packs on top of the whatever supplies they were delivering without being able to stand up straight the entire 800km is amazing. 

The resiliency, the pride, and the strength of the people is apparent here. I am truly humbled and so grateful to be here and to witness the stories of the land as well as the citizens. 

This is it for now. I’ll update you all very soon.




One thought on “First Impression

  1. Ann: Thanks for sharing and we are looking forward to visiting with you from time to time. Printed this off and will share at our next book club meeting. Carol

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