Political Science Lecture

Today we had the privilege of attending a lecture from a distinguished Bosnian political science professor.His lecture was fascinating and illuminated the many challenges that exist in the former Yugoslavia due to ethno-nationalism. He asked for questions at the end of the lecture. I was fortunate to have mine answered. My question was concerning the US and the best possibility for the successful continuation of our experiment in democracy given our increasingly diverse multiethnic and multiracial society.

I explained my understanding of the two schools of thought on thistopic. The right or conservatives advocate for a single Americanmelting pot culture. They believe that an emphasis on multiculturalism can lead to a “Balkanization” of the US. The left embraces multiculturalism along with its emphasis on ethnic and racial differences. Having studied at Yale, the professor was extremely knowledgeable on the American system of government. After a discourse on the origin of the word “Balkanization”, the professor explained that he agreed with the conservatives on this question. Given his direct experience of the violence and fragmentation brought about by ethno-nationalism along with his learned background, his is an important opinion on this subject.


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