So after being on the road for a few days, we finally spent the entire day in Sarajevo; I must say, this place is begging to feel more welcoming. Each day I find myself knowing the city a little more, and enjoying it a little more. This city is incredible and so unique. Today was not a thrilling for me personally as was days past, as it was intense with lectures followed by an agency. It was informative, but not quite as spectacular as the day at the embassy. For those with an interest in clinical social work today was their day.

Sarajevo is quite a spectacular city, the wounds of the very recent war are mostly covered up. It provides an interesting paradox; the city itself seems to be thriving and vibrant, as well as beautiful, but its people still struggle to deal with the wounds of war and try to understand their once harmonious society that has split into fractions. It becomes hard as a foreigner to even see the wounds of war, and nearly impossible to understand the social dynamics. A casual naïve tourist could completely miss the fact the city even was ravaged by 1400+ day siege. 

Our time here has however provided us with a spectual forum for some of us in the group to discuss topics often missed in our daily life. We talk about morals and morality, relgion, socioeconomic issues in America, what it means to be a melting pot, how the western world is a state of post nationalism, what the role we play in Sarajevo, as well as so many others. I can’t tell if the city encourges the rich conversation, or I just struck gold on the group I came with. 

Tomorrow lasts the last of of formal activities here, and I am sure the blogs tones will change as we prepare to depart this wonderful city. As I head to be, I will leave you with a picture of Sarajevo by night.




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