Gardening time.

Today we spend some time gardening. I felt like I could have watered the entire lawn with all the sweat. It was a ton of fun. We were at a school for blind children in Bosnia and helped to beautify their garden. Over all it just provided a great time for us to do something outside and do it for a great organization. Me and Kristy had a great system and got a huge path cleared of weeds. Teamwork at it’s best!

After that we headed back to have some beers and then once again got to chatting. It is so amazing to be around some of the people of this group, they reaffirm and help me question who I am. They help me to explore so many complex ideas and things flying around inside this world. I spend so much time around people that agree with me, it is interesting to be around people that not only agree with me but force to me to think on a higher level. They are great, a book club is in the works for us; the first of that being “Notes on the Revolution in Europe”



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