Dovidjenja Sarajevo

This is the day to say good bye to the beautiful city of Sarajevo.  Today I leave with mixed emotions, feeling the need to come home to America, yet have left a big part of my heart.  My thirst has been quenched by the beautiful spring water which is a sure sign of returning to this very spiritual and friendly space in my heart.  There will be no words to lay down the sadness, resilience and cheerfulness of this country and the many people I have met, Bisem, Adidan, Heda, Vinan, the names are special to me and I have many stories for each, which will extend in a more complete story in future blogs.

  There has been no better education than to experience such history, and such crime without leaving with a heavy heart.  I was able to meet with the caller last evening of the prayer at the mosque.  His energy and his time were priceless components of the wonderful last evening here.  He gave me the gift of a Quran with which to understand the Islam religion after I was able to experience the service after the call to prayer. My hope is that in learning this religion I can understand their spirituality and the affirmation that without faith and the ability unite, this world cannot go on in peace.  May we all have peace within our heart and for this world.  Dovidjenja Sarajevo, 

Heidi Vendegna


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