My final post.

Last night we had our final dinner as a group in Sarajevo. Ann and Michelle gave everyone unique awards and we spent some time enjoying each others company. I came here traveling with Mackenzie, one of my best friends and was able to connect with many others on the trip here along the way. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity, to get to know others in the GSSW community, and to become more familiar with the Bosnian way of life. 

I found myself feeling many emotions throughout dinner, from being really excited to be going to Croatia,nervous to be traveling alone, and sad to leave but also sad because I miss my friends and family back at home. Yesterday, a few of us found ourselves asking how this experience will impact us as social workers, and it will be interesting to see how I have changed just from being here. This has been a wonderful experience, one I will certainly never forget. Thank you to everyone who was here with me- I have learned from each of you and I look forward to our many future conversations about our trip. 

Thats it for me, off to Croatia and Italy!



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