Back in America

It is Tuesday June 26, and I have a hard time re-adjusting and processing the many experiences I have had in Bosnia.  I have always appreciated my country, my family and my privilege, but feel it even more now that I am back.  I cannot say enough to Anne and Michelle and GSSW for the opportunity to take this journey.  I would say that I learned more than I can ever put into words both in a historical, political and personal context.

This class cannot be described as a course in a curriculum but much more profound than anything I have ever experienced.  As an older student the opportunity to have such an experience for my first trip to Europe was amazing.  I am compiling my many notes, and names of all the people I have met while in Bosnia and will be sharing more as I organize my thoughts and joy of meeting such wonderful native Bosnian’s.  Despite the tremendous conflict they went through, their hearts are forever backing the city of Sarajevo….

More to come!

Heidi Vendegna


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