Croatia: land of the directionally challenged

Never in my life have I met such friendly people who seem to have no sense of direction. That is Croatia in a nutshell. Croatia is positively beautiful and there is so much to see, that it was impossible to do this in a day and a half. But we tried and managed to see quite a few things. The best idea was walking around the walls of old city, you get to see pretty much everything.

The people of Croatia are very friendly, but they have their own system of directions that seems to be about who you know instead of where they are located. For example, the directions to our hostel included ‘Second to last stop on the bus, right after the garage’. Luckily, it was a large garage or we would probably still be looking for that hostel right now. And trying to find a super market is like ‘Oh it is just in there’, which actually means that it is through the shopping center and past the creepy parking lot. Happily they are nice people or this would be more annoying than endearing.

Don’t ever try to break large bills with the bus drivers, though, as we learned that they are very cranky and will tap at the sign on their front. Now that is fine if you are fluent in Croatian, but as we are not, we can only assume that it means ‘Do not feed the bus drivers’.  Yet, they still have the best tomatoes I have ever had and I love being around pomegranate and palm trees. It was also nice to touch the beautiful water and lay on the beach.

Something interesting happened on the way back to Bosnia, however, that should be mentioned. At the border, the border control passed by passports of everyone except those who were from the Republic of Srpbska. It was enough to remind me that people still have their memories and their problems with the area; that even with a beautiful, friendly and touristy area, they still experienced a devestating war.

Overall, it was one of the best trips I have ever experienced. I love how clean the Balkans are, and how beautiful it is. I also enjoyed the good food and the good wine.

The main fountain in Dubrovnik.

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