A Veg-Head In Bosnia

Bosnia, a land with a rich culture still emerging from a devastating war, laden with jagged mountains, lush green forests, paradise-like waterfalls…..and meat.  Lots and lots of meat.  I’ve heard the meats are fantastic, and I don’t doubt it, as they come in every form imaginable.  Arguably one of the most popular is a traditional dish called cevapcici, which has been hauntingly referred to as “meat fingers”, shoved inside delicious bread reminiscent of a pita pocket.  The smoked and dried meats are also incredible, or so I’ve been told.  Yes, in a country soaked with meat, I eat none of it.  Although I’m sure it tastes fantastic, I’ve had no cevapcici, no dried or smoked logs of meat, no burek (a kind of phyloo dough pastry stuffed with meat) and no mystery meat pie.  Alright, I feel the need for complete disclosure: I do eat fish from time to time.

Alas!  I have never let an inundation of meat hold me back from enjoying the incredible foods other countries and culture have to offer.  What can I say?  I love to eat.   I haven’t gone the least bit hungry while I’ve been here.  There seems to be something around every corner that I can fashion into a delicious meat free Bosnian meal or snack…it happens to usually be ice cream, but don’t hold that against me.  First of all, you might not guess it but Sarajevo has fantastic pizza about every 10 feet for the equivalent of usually about 5-7 bucks!  However, when looking for something a bit more traditional, I’ve had great luck with Sirnica, Zeljanica and Krompirusa, all of which are sold wherever burek is found and are similar pastries but filled with cheese, spinach and cheese, and potato respectively.  Additionally, the sopska salata (chopped up lettuce, cheese, tomatoes…thats about it I think) has really treated me right and can be found also around nearly every corner in the old part of town.

The most wonderful food moment I’ve had yet has been the discovery of a vegetarian restaurant called Vegehana real close to our hostel and tucked down a small side street of glee.  The waiter (who by the way was FANTASTIC) told us about the emergence of veg-heads in Sarajevo and the secret clues they’d use to identify themselves without being shunned (or more likely just really made fun of).  “Do you like saaallaaddd?  Do you…REEAALLLY like salad??”  Wink wink.


Anyways,  the bottom line is that so far, I’m surviving.  REALLY well.  I even found soy milk, and have heard of an elusive place that sells almond milk!  Yippppeeee!

Have I mentioned I’ve had a lot of ice cream?  When I say a lot, I mean a lot.  It’s incredible, and about 70 cents a scoop.  Whats not to love? 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


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