Alas, I have returned…

Looking back on my last blog from Project Bosnia Summer 2011, I was very adamant about coming back to Sarajevo the following year. And now, here I am, in 2012 and back in Sarajevo as a part of Project Bosnia once again. I feel so incredibly lucky that my dream of returning to Sarajevo has come true. It is such a magical place for me and it has been amazing over the last few days watching the new group of Project Bosnia students become acquainted with the city that I love. This year I have returned to Sarajevo in a new role. I am no longer here as a student doing an internship for a local nonprofit or NGO. I am here as the Program Coordinator for Project Bosnia. Although it has been a very different experience than when I came as a student, I feel so incredibly fortunate to be in this role.

Sarajevo has changed quite a bit in the last year, but at the same time it is the same city that I fell in love with.  Everyday since I have arrived, I have had to ask myself if I am really here because it is so hard for me to believe. There is a saying in Sarajevo that if you drink from the fountain, you will return to Sarajevo. Here is a picture of me drinking from the fountain last year:

And now I am back in Sarajevo.



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