Spent the weekend in Dubrovnik with a few classmates. We had an excellent time, once we figured out how to avoid upsetting the bus drivers. I thought it was difficult to break large bills in Sarajevo, but I had a far more difficult time in Croatia. We decided to walk the walls around the old city, which seemed like the best way to see all of the sights and stay within our time constraints. It was great, and the view was amazing. I have been told several times how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, but I can’t do that much math in my head. I have decided that it was about 200 degrees, and I wasn’t prepared to battle several flights of stairs in the intense heat. I just about melted on a few occasions, but there was enough available water to avoid any serious issues. Later that evening we sampled the wine which lived up to the hype-it was delicious. Overall, it was a fantastic weekend spent sightseeing and bonding with friends.


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