I know we talke…

I know we talked about this a lot before we came here, but the value people in this city place on helping others continues to amaze me every time I see it happen. My own personal experience of needing to get some medicine here and having a woman I barely knew drive 30 minutes out of her way to take me to an Apoteka to translate and help me figure out what medicine I needed was pretty amazing. It may sound like such a little thing, and you might think “So what, people do nice things like that all the time in the States.” But really, when I think about my own life there are so many times that I’ve been “too busy” to make time for a small gesture that may have really impacted someone else.

Another example of this willingness to go out of the way for others, even strangers, was presented to me yesterday on the tram. I had gone out to spend a nice relaxing afternoon at Vrelo Bosne and on the way back I noticed a rather large man in a wheelchair. I didn’t see how he made it on to the tram, but he didn’t seem to be there with friends or anyone to help him. Then we got to his stop and suddenly 4 or 5 men, without a word said, came up to him when they noticed he was edging towards the door and rallied together to pick up his wheelchair and carry him down the narrow steps of the tram so he could make it off and be on his way. It was pretty amazing. And yes, maybe in the United States if it weren’t for having handicap friendly transportation you would see that. The point is, I notice gestures like this here…that are done without the blink of an eye…and it makes me realize how much more time we should all make to be there for those around us and to not be so rushed that we miss when someone could just use a hand.


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