sarajevo living: puppy hill.

you are about to experience cuteness overload
(and sorry for the poor formatting – I can’t fix it on here for some reason – you can go to my blog to see it more properly laid out)
last week on our tour we came across some very adorable on top of a hill that we have now aptly named “Puppy Hill” – today we finally had the chance to go back and visit them.
this is there little home someone made them made of cardboard and branches.
Sasha and puppies – lots of cute adorableness in one shot.
so – I set my purse down and said, “there’s no one around to steal my purse, so I’m just going to leave it over here” only to turn around less than a minute later to see this…
seriously – I can’t handle this.
they really want to come home with us – if only we could convince our hostel owners.
seriously – I have never known street animals to be so incredibly cuddly as the ones here in Bosnia have been – a testament to how kind people here are to them.
5 puppies romping around fighting with each other…
…will wear them out considerably.
more trips to puppy hill will occur. I’m sure this is not the last you will see of these adorable little guys – maybe next time I’ll bring my fancy cam up for a full on photo shoot…

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