All Hail Zeus, God of Comfy Coldness

Praise Zeus, it was rainy and cold yesterday!! Good thing too because my mood and my approval of any place are negatively correlated with the temperature. And since my happy place is a very cold place, Sarajevo and I were on the road to a falling out. Enter clouds and chilly weather, and this city and I are back on speaking terms again. Thank you, Zeus, for that little weathervention. One day like that per week and I just might be a pleasant person for the remainder of this summer…but don’t get your hopes up people.

In other good news, I now have two internships, which almost adds up to a full work load! The Atlantic Initiative finally got in touch with me last week and I start interning with them today. Better late than never. This is also good because they are a security NGO and I am a security student. My other internship at the Women’s Initiative is interesting, though not specifically related to what I study.

The funny/weird/serendipitous part of all this is that the Atlantic Initiative is working on gender studies in security right now. I wasn’t expecting that. I have never considered myself a feminist or a champion of womens’ causes, partially because I have never experienced much in the way of sexism, and also because I have never wanted to be that woman that de-values chivalry. I have tried to work with men on an equal playing field without exploiting any unfair advantages as a woman. But now, this summer, I find myself working with two completely different NGOs on the same issue: the empowerment of women in Bosnia. Clearly I neither understand how pervasive this issue is nor appreciate just how much I have benefited from the work performed by generations of women who have come before me. I may not end this summer as a sash-wearing suffragette, but I will probably be learning a lot about an issue that I have ironically tried to ignore.

Once again, thank you Zeus for the lovely cold day. Please bring more. I would be happy to sacrifice some Sladoled in your honor.


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