And now a word on food

This trip to Croatia seemed to be a lot more productive and we went in with a lot more understanding of what we were getting into with people. That being said, there were so many great experiences this past weekend that involving chances to eat great food and enjoy great people.

I want to take the time to mention food here in the Balkans, it isn’t spicy (like my favorite Mexican restaurants in Denver) but it is flavorful. There are many fresh fruits and vegetables that I am super spoiled by the Balkans. I have made it my personal goal to only eat fresh fruits and vegetables from either the Farmer’s Market or Sunflower market to get my fix of veggies.

I also am going to need to find a place to get my coffee and chocolate fix. Bosnia and Croatia have completely spoiled me when it comes to the best of produce. But as far people, I can’t say that I have been homesick for people who aren’t my family or friends. People here are much more friendly and sincerely giving their attention and assistance to people who are in need of it. And quite frankly, there have been many times in this region where I have needed assistance and a friendly person.

There are many people in this world who are sincerely interested in helping others, and that isn’t just in this area. Yet when I am traveling, I notice it most from the people who don’t really know how to speak to me. There will be a great deal of pantomime and laughing and ‘I don’t understand’ in at least three languages, but the attempt is made. I have not encountered anyone here who won’t help me, with the exception of one waiter who seemed to think that I was trying to cheat him out of change. And I think that truly means a lot and makes traveling a much more enriching experience.


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