Things learned in Bosnia

The number of things or traditions that I stumble upon on my everyday interactions within Bosnia I find that a number of things we tend to find humorous or old fashioned and strangely enough I grew up with similar notions. The notion that a draft will make you sick, this is not used in all places but every once in awhile you will come across a situation where an open window or an oscillating fan it may cause some concern for your personal health. It was described as an oscillating fan will turn your mouth to the side of your face. Do not sit on concrete or your ovaries will freeze. Any kind of cold seems to be a problem, you may also get sick from drinking cold water.  I have also learned from personal experience to not thank someone for medication. The tram is always a mystery but will always be uncomfortable. I have finally learned how to say no to coffee (to some people). 

Now that we have been living here for awhile I ran across this blog below and find it funny that i can now relate to a lot of the things.


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