Relaxation in Bosnia-Herzegovina

There are days in Bosnia where one feels the overwhelming desire to be alone and reflect. Most of this weekend, I felt the need to be alone and reflect on our past trip to Srebrenica this Friday. It was a difficult, but necessary journey for us all. We had heard about the massacre there, after all it is impossible to not know about that regarding Bosnia’s war, but being there is always much more powerful and brings home the realization.

For me, I needed sometime to process it all and so I chose my two favorite outlets, coffee and movies. Here is one of my favorite places to get coffee here in Sarajevo because it is quiet and the view is pleasant.

But what is more interesting to me is that I went to see the Batman movie here in Sarajevo and I was surprised at how many people were there and knew all the characters and so of the lines. While many people in Sarajevo do speak and understand English very well, it is always impressive to me when certain icons and cultural aspects transcend even language. Not that I believe that Batman is the best source of American culture, but it does transcend and bring people together.

What is more interesting to me is that it brings people together in a way that makes them almost forget ethnicity or background. Sometimes it is the little things that make people forget (or at least briefly set aside) the major catastrophes. Not that Batman can ever change or override the Bosnian war, but it is something that can be related to for all people. Even an American young woman who just needs some alone time can spend the afternoon with diverse people watching the Cape Crusader take down the forces of evil.


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