If you make a trip to Sarajevo…eat here!!!

I just thought I’d give a little advice for my blog post this time….when in Sarajevo, eat at Aščinica ASDŽ. 

Ann brought this place to my attention (aka the cafeteria style place, the homestyle place, the place with the amazing nut-filled dates with a dollop of whipped cream). I now make it a priority to visit this place at least once a week….preferably more! My favorite thing to get there is the plate of all kinds of meat stuffed items…grape leaves, cabbage, little onions, red bell peppers (I know that sounds like a lot but it’s only one of each and they’re small). And the best part is the delicious bread that you can dip in whatever amazing sauce that is leftover from your meal. MMMmmmmmm! In fact, I’m eating here right now 🙂 With that said..I think I’ll get back to my meal!

  • Aščinica ASDŽ
    Mali čurčiluk 3
    71000 Sarajevo, BiH
  • +38761 131 655



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