Our group trips

Reflections of our trips. I feel that when it comes to our group outings, it is a special time that we all get to experience something together. While we are all on this trip and live together, we spend at least 90% of the time together, but at the end of the day we are all on our own individual paths. Each of us have different experiences in our internships and the roads we take to go home and to get to work. We all encounter different situations from meeting strangers to getting closer to the ones we know. We may go to our favorite places to eat and drink with each other but it is not the same. It is really rare when we are all experiencing the same thing at the same time while simultaneously learning about ourselves and having a moment. I realized this on our trip to Screbenica. We all knew the day was not going to be fun or easy. What I didn’t expect was the impact to hit us so hard. Looking around, you cannot help but do feel the sorrow of such a horrific event and it was as if history became real. You can read about something or even watch it, but it isn’t until you are there that it hits you. We were all so solemn coming home just trying to process everything. I tried to explain my feelings to my boyfriend that night and there were no words that could match what happened. The only people I can really relate to is our group. Lukomir was a different story. It was something out of a movie and the fact that we did it together made it all the more special. We climbed together, we got scrapes together and we met an adorable dog and named it Jabuka or Jabi for short. We made it to a village that was out of a fairy tale.  As the time comes to an end, I realize that when I get home, I will be able to tell people about my trip but it will not be the same as the memories we share. 


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