News flash of the century: I can’t wait to go home.

I wish that I had come to Sarajevo under different circumstances, because I know that I’ve been unfair in my assessment of the city itself. In retrospect, I should never have agreed to spend two months living in such close quarters with so many other people. I lived in a one-room quad my sophomore year with three of my best friends, and we ended up nearly killing each other. Did I think that I’d fare better in a hostel? I guess I was hoping that the benefit of being in Sarajevo would be enough to outweigh the negative impact that communal living tends to have on my mental state of affairs. I know that some of my cohorts here have been unable to understand my need for solitude, and have taken my response to our time here as one of ‘she’s not trying hard enough’ or ‘she’s refusing to adapt’. That’s been pretty frustrating for me, and certainly doesn’t improve my disposition. The living situation and constant need for ‘group interaction’ has not been an enlightening period of growth for me; it has negatively impacted what would’ve otherwise been a fabulous summer.

So yes, I am nearly counting the hours until I leave. I can’t wait to return to my nice quiet house in the suburbs, where the only noises outside my window in the mornings are birds (not the bottle collection service every two hours), with a wonderful, private, fenced-in backyard (complete with resident bunny) and the ability to not hear another person’s voice for an entire day. I can’t wait for bacon, and for cups of coffee the size of my head and for air that isn’t 75% cigarette smoke.

I do plan on returning someday. I’ve got a few dozen other countries that I’d like to see first, but I really and truly do plan on returning someday. Just under very different circumstances. My hope is that all of the other negatives that I have seen in Sarajevo will be assuaged by a different living situation and a far smaller group of people.


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