The impending end

We are sadly fast approaching the end of our time here and I am quite unhappy about this. I am pleased to return to the land of ac and family, but I do know that I have greatly enjoyed being here and that I will miss it very much. This week, I plan to spend as much time saying goodbye to the things that I have come to love most, such as my favorite restaurant and places where I know I can talk to merchants as well as buy gifts.

This past weekend, I spent some time exploring the some parts of Sarajevo that I hadn’t seen before. I went with some old and new friends up to Vrelo Bosna, the source of the river in Sarajevo, and saw some of the gorgeous nature that Bosnia has to offer. I would certainly have missed a great opportunity to see some people things if I hadn’t gone, but also to keep company with some new friends who were able to teach us new things about Bosnia. There is only so much that you can learn in books, and so much more you can learn from people.

Only some of the mysteries were answered for us in this one day, we learned about the mystery of the goat bridge and the answered the ongoing question of how many different ways one can use the word ‘molim’ (7 in case you’re wondering). These are things you can’t get from guidebooks; they come specifically from the locals. And one should never ever look past those experiences and say they aren’t worth it.

So much has happened this summer for me that I feel that I have learned. For me, this summer has been about being patient and open to new experiences. I have also learned to think outside the box and to trust that people will be willing to help me and make sure I am ok. I have met some extremely nice people who are so genuine and that will stick with me for my entire life.

I do hope that I will come back someday. I drank water from the famous fountain in the center of town, so I am hoping that some day I will be back here. I will miss my new friends, my awesome internship with Foundation CURE, and this wonderful city and country.


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