Things I need to remember once I get home from Bosnia

So I know we are supposed to be writing about things we will miss about Bosnia, or something along those lines, and I originally planned on posting a bunch of pictures of all those things. However, in the last two weeks or so I’ve noticed a big change in my attitude (many of my roommates might have noticed this as well) and things seem to be getting to me a little more, patience is running seriously low, and I’ve been just easily irritated in general. This week, I think it’s safe to say it’s gotten worse. And this morning getting coffee I was talking to one of my roommates about all the things I have to worry about when I get home and it hit me…I’m already getting in crazy, stressed out, on the verge of panic-attack mode because of my crazy, stressful life waiting for me back in the states. Therefore, I decided that there are certain things/realizations from this culture and the trip in general that I need to make an effort to always keep in mind.

  • Enjoy my breaks: rather than only heading to the coffee shop to work on a 40 page paper or research jobs and send out my resume to a billion different job postings…take a break..enjoy my (much larger) cappuccino…and remember that life can’t only be go,go,go. I can absolutely go have coffee for the pure and simple pleasure of coffee and people watching.
  • Remember how lucky I really am: Here I am, freaking out about a job search ahead of me, my last quarter of grad school, my living situation, etc. even though, as much as our economy straight-up sucks right now…I still have a much better chance of finding a job, possibly one that even lines up with my interest in health communications, than most Bosnians my age do. We are extremely lucky to have the opportunities we have in the United States, and being here for two months has really put that into perspective. Now it’s my job to not forget just how lucky I really am when things get overwhelming.
  • Things fall in place..not only in the Balkans, but everywhere: Our little mantra here was (think of Danielle saying this) “trust the process.” This should not only be a mantra for our time in Bosnia…it really should be kept in mind at all times! Thanks for your little tid-bit of wisdom D-Money 🙂

As far as what I will miss…just about everything! With the exception of the lack of unsweetened iced tea (that really has ice in it!), a twin sized bed with 6 other (very lovely and easy to live with!) ladies in the same room, and the lack of sweet, sweet air conditioning when it’s 90+ degrees outside.



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