leaving. not on a jet plane.

I officially get on a train to leave Bosnia in about 6 hours (so much for sleeping well tonight) and I have very mixed feelings. Obviously I’ve loved my time here, but I am ready for the next adventure.

I’m not travelling back to the States yet (I have a 3.5 week backpacking Europe trip planned) – so I can’t get too excited about what I’ll be returning to, yet.  Therefore, I have been dwelling on things I will and will not miss about Bosnia.

I will miss hopping on a bus/renting a car and travelling to random countries and having amazing international adventures

I will not miss having smoke blown in my face all the time every where I go – the States got it right when we banned smoking indoors.

I will miss meeting random travelers, hearing about there stories, and getting advice from them on travel.

I will not miss rude people running into me everywhere I go and not caring that I’m a person.

I will miss Bhutla and these delicious little bruschetta crisps that are mixed vegetable flavor.

I will not miss the Sarajevo stroll – people walking 1/2 per hour and not paying any attention to where they are going.

I will miss nights out with the group drinking rakija and laughing.

I will not miss Cheers and the other 2 bars that are loud all. night. long.

I will miss the friends I have made and Fondacija CURE – having coffee and saying goodbye to them was difficult.

I will not miss attempting to make sense of the Bosnian language – for some reason I have had an extremely difficult time learning it (probably because it hasn’t been necessary) and I cannot wait to get back to languages I know and understand.

I will miss walking everywhere – Sarajevo is so small that walking to work was easy and wonderful.

I will not miss living with 6 other people in one room –  I very much look forward to some solitude when I get back to the States.

I will miss being able to fill my water bottle up all over town and, really, all over the country – fountains are everywhere, and the water is soooo good!

I will not miss the teeny tiney shower that I have to share with a bunch of other people – I love my shower, shower head, water pressure, and massive bath tub at home in Denver.

I will miss the hostel owners here in Sarajevo – they are so sweet and adorable and super kind to all of us.

I will not miss having my laundry done for me – as much as I hate doing laundry, I would much rather do it myself with fabric softener and a dryer back home.

I will miss all of my other Project Bosnia buddies – I know I’ll see them back in the States, but it won’t quite be the same.

I will not miss having to rush to dinner before the cannon blows to mark sundown during Ramadan.

I will miss meeting cute, adorable, cuddly cats and dogs everywhere.

I will miss Somersby Apple Cider – even if it does just taste like a carbonated jolly rancher.

I will miss hearing the Call to Prayer.

I will miss…

I will miss…

I will miss…


My list could go on and on as I will miss much more than I will not miss –  Sarajevo has been good to me this summer.

That being said, I’m excited to head to Prague and beyond and very excited to go home in a month and hug my kitty, Kingsley, who has missed me terribly this summer!


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