Being the introvert that I am, I find myself finally having (somewhat) processed things from the trip and am now able to talk about them somewhat. I wish I had been able to stay in Sarajevo longer. By the time the 8 weeks were over, I felt like I had finally just found a routine and a way of making things work. I was getting to know people better from Bosnia and finally working toward creating deeper relationships, rather than the superficial relationships that form when you only know someone for a few weeks and rarely see them in that time. Luckily, I’ve been able to keep up some of these relationships through Facebook and email. I’ve frequently been emailing one of the adults from our adult English class and being able to have serious discussions with him through email. While it’s not an ideal way, it’s better than nothing. I’m fortunate to be able to not only keep helping him with his English but also to maintain that relationship and learn more about him and Bosnia in general.

I know when it was close to the end of our time in Bosnia, I was mostly ready to go. I knew that I would miss people and be sad to leave but I wanted to see family and friends and get back to “normal” life. Now, of course, I wish that I could go back and spend more time there. I think that I would have started to love the city more if I could have spent more time there. 8 weeks wasn’t nearly enough. I wish I could have had about 4 more weeks. Mind you, not necessarily 4 more weeks living in a communal setting but definitely 4 more weeks in the country and spending time with the people I got to know.

I wish I had gotten to know the people who I was working with better. I only really got to them know near the end and they were fabulous people. As much as I was against teaching English at the beginning of the trip (which I still have my doubts about), I don’t regret getting to know and have at least some impact on the people who I got to work with. As frustrating as it was at times (mostly with the teenagers), all of them are people who I know I will never forget and I hope they feel the same about me. I hope to some day get to make my way back over to Bosnia and see how much they have improved the overall situation and to visit the people who I formed relationships with. I’m not sure when that will be but getting to travel back at some point in my life and the relatively near future would be a fabulous gift.


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