Cheers in Bosnia

It is very hard to describe my first impressions of this past week in Bosnia. The people, the weather, the city, the culture; so many different experiences and no idea where to start. There is one thing however that I do want to discuss that has struck me the most.


We have been walking down the streets of Sarajevo many times this past week. Cheers is as loud as it was foretold and the people are always walking somewhere no matter what time of the day it is. It’s very easy to lose yourself in this city and its lifestyle. You wake up, have breakfast shower then head out. During your day you may walk around stop at one of the many bars around the city to drink some coffee. You walk some more around the city and you sit down at another bar for your second cup of coffee. The hours pass and you realize while drinking coffee that it’s lunch time and you are getting very hungry. Your choices as to where to eat are also endless, stop at a pekara, or at one of the restaurants that sell burek. No matter your choice, you won’t be disappointed. You start walking again and it’s hot, you stop for some ice cream. Walk some more and stop at another bar, this time though it’s not for coffee but something else; beer perhaps? Water? Anything refreshing to cope with the heat.


After this little portrait I described to you above in my “wonderful” English, it is hard to imagine that about 20 years ago, the life in this city was nothing like it is now. It amazes me how people and the city have overcome the war in such a way that one would never know it actually happened. There is a distinct difference between the youth and the elders in the streets. Older people definitely act differently and you can tell they lived a troubled past. Young people though walk the streets as if nothing ever happened. It is a weird feeling that is very hard to explain.  With more time spent here I hope to understand this city better.



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