First Impressions

Here I am in Sarajevo. The city is loud, buzzing with car horns and dance music and a language I don’t understand much of. I’ve unpacked all my clothes, I’ve met my internship supervisor, I’ve been to the market and the pharmacy. I’ve probably already eaten my weight in bread. But it hasn’t sunk in yet that this is where I’ll be living for the next two months.

Today was my first full day of my internship. Ann and I sat down with my supervisor and had a coffee (of course) as we talked about the projects I will work on this summer. My organization is small, and is one of only a few of its kind in Sarajevo, so I’m going to have lots of opportunities. Opportunities to be published, to attend meetings at NATO and the EU, to travel to other cities in the Balkans. I spent today reading reports about their work, and I’m already proud to be a part of this organization. They do great work, and I’m excited to get to contribute.

One of the girls on the trip last year offered advice about Sarajevo, about the pace of life, about the complete separateness from life at home. She suggested that we make the separateness deliberate and purposefully disconnect from everything related to school and life in Denver. I’ve been looking forward to it for months, and now that I’m here, I’m so happy. With the end of the school year comes a sense of an ending and of new opportunities before September. I’m excited to take this opportunity to press pause on my life at home and pick up the strands of a new life in Sarajevo.



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