My interest in Bosnia goes back over ten years now. It’s odd, I know. When most students couldn’t wait to get out of history class, I was the one who kept reading, kept researching, kept learning.  I’m a bit of a nerd, but I’m okay with this J because without my curiosity and my need to know more, I never would have found my way here, to Sarajevo.

 So here I am in this country I feel I know so much about only to come and realize this week how little I really understand. To know about the events depicted in books is one thing, to know and understand the effects they have and how they manifest in people is another. So every day is a new opportunity to take what I know and mix it with what I don’t and see what happens. I predict there will be some bad/difficult days ahead, but I also predict there will be wonderfully amazing experiences and opportunities as well.

 My internship will play a large part in this, I believe. Who they are, what they do and where they choose to do it make for an interesting combination that has already begun to shift my perception of thing and I am sure will continue to do so over the coming weeks.




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