Leaving Home to Come Home

Reconnecting with good friends
Reconnecting with good friends

Growing up in a small town in Indiana I never dreamt that I would one day feel so at home in Sarajevo.  Actually I had never even heard of Sarajevo.  My education during the Cold War in the U.S.  taught me that Yugoslavia was full of communists and that was bad.  This confused me even way back then because my Lithuanian grandfather was a communist and he didn’t seem that bad.

In a life that now sometimes doesn’t feel like it can possibly be mine, I have the unbelievably good fortune to return to Sarajevo each summer with a group of students.  From the first time I set foot in Bosnia several years ago I hoped that I would one day be able to introduce students to this place that now feels like home with all of its beauty, scars, graciousness and turquoise rivers.  That hope has once again come true and the first week with our current group of students has been tremendous.

My joy at reconnecting with my Bosnian friends and colleagues is matched only by the amount that I miss those important to me in the U.S.


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