My internship is better than yours

After my first week at Green Visions, I cannot put into words the fun I have had. Barely two weeks in and I have already been on one definite departure and it was amazing. Tomorrow I am going to another one and I am looking forward to another wonderful hike. This being said, the nature found in Bosnia and Herzegovina is outstanding.

Sutjeska National Park is a must for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and happens to be in Bosnia. The drive from Sarajevo to the park is two hours long, but only after 20 minutes you already finding yourself among the mountains; if you also are lucky in having a Bosnian guide driving you there, be prepared for some crazy driving resembling the rally championships.  Just the drive is beautiful; it’s about an hour and half of driving through winding mountain roads. The scenery is beyond beautiful, the green mountains covered in the even greener pines makes the crazy driving worth the car sickness. After the car ride, you arrive on top where you park the car and start walking. You are surrounded by beautiful mountains that have a perfect mix between gray and green. The rocks help create this beautiful mesh of colors that becomes impossible to get tired of. The trail takes you in a valley where the dry lakes reside. When we had crossed this valley, uprooted trees to the scenery as a massive avalanche had taken place during the winter. Even this dead nature added beauty to this place in a eerie kind of way.

After crossing the dry lakes you hike over a small mountain and there it is; lake Trnovacko. Seeing it the first time I was taken in by its beauty. Looking at this heart shaped lake surrounded by peaks seemed almost mystical. The scenery and the pictures I took seemed like something from National Geographic. I absolutely suck at taking pictures and yet I was able to take outstanding pictures. The clear blue lake, the mountains surrounding it, it feels like a place truly unscathed by human presence. I have found the perfect place in case of a zombie apocalypse.




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