Tea and Hiking

This week Iv’e found solace in tea and hiking.

Every day after work, I’ll choose a random path in the housed hills to walk up. Every path is promised to lead me somewhere that has a beautiful view of the city down below. The other day I walked up past the river and found myself surrounded by headstones on every side. I was in the middle of a large cemetery. Although this could have been expected seeing the number of cemeteries there are here in Sarajevo, being in the contrast of the beautiful view yet the melancholy of the symbolism of the graves was quite the experience.  I kept walking and found myself in the hills a far distant away from our hostel as I was slowly loosing track of time. Walking I’ve found is a great way to think about everything in life, everything good and bad that goes on. This is why I know that the next month and couple of weeks to come I will be able to have a sort of a “healing and wisdom” trip, as those do who go to India and other magical places to do some soul searching.

The tea comes in hand with this soul searching. We’ve found this lovely little Bohemian tea place owned by an older man with unruly, large white hair and beard. He doesn’t speak English but is fluent in Italian, German and some French. So I’ve been communicating with him in French of course.  He has over 50 different types of tea, Bosanska Kafa, and this delicious traditional Bosnian drink that is made with warm cinnamon, and vanilla. This is my new favorite hangout spot and a great place to meet other travelers. Being there I realize how close the community is, all of his friends come to say hello and all day he is hanging out at his tea café, serving people tea that he is passionate about, and making new friends. Seems like a simple and great way to live life. Everybody seems to know each other in this city, as Vladimir says because they had experienced the war together.

I am appreciating the people and the city more and more every day and look forward to the weeks to come. P.S thank you everyone for making my birthday weekend an awesome one!!


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