“On the road of life, it’s not where you’re going but the friends you make that really matter”
My mother sent me a birthday card with this inscription. It seemed to be a perfect fit that she chose that card specifically as I am traveling and working abroad. Leaving Prague after exploring Europe for five months in the fall, I had also made this revelation. Although the cities I had visited were beautiful, the food was amazing and there was a journey waiting in every corner, it wasn’t about the place but about the people you travel with and meet along the way. Of course it helps to be in either the most romantic city of Europe, the fashion capital of the world, or the culinary center of Europe, however happiness is better shared with others. Travel is better shared with others. So this phrase really hit me because recently I’ve been wondering why I am never content just being settled in one place, especially at home in the states. I have the travel bug in me, growing up being used to going to France every summer, and waiting for that during the year. I sometimes feel as if I need to travel, that I can only continue my road of life by exploring and finding the new. Then I realized it’s not all about going to new places, but being with the people you love and hopefully meeting new amazing people along the way.
This is why this week I chose this picture of Sam Berry and I. Sam, as most of you know, is the Australian I met traveling around Europe. He barely showers, does not wear shoes, is loud, gives absolutely no care to what others think, loves to travel, is not very educationally driven however is one of the most intelligent men I’ve met, and enjoys “smashing” down beers for fun. It takes a certain kind of person to appreciate Sam however once you do he becomes one of the greatest friends. He cares, he inquires, he send notes and little gifts and he won’t forget you. This is why I appreciate Sam Berry so much. Meeting people while traveling is such a rich experience because we can learn from each other and touch each other’s lives.

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