Obliviously Rude

The journey here to Srebrenica has been a unique experience and everyone has their own story to tell about what they are experiencing. My thoughts so far are still fuzzy as more information is presented daily and in such powerful ways where it becomes difficult to listen without having your emotions stirred. Despite all this great information that we are presented to I can’t help but feel somewhat inadequate in this group.

The people present in this program have all been studying the genocide and have some sort of thesis or dissertation that they are working on. Personally I feel like I lack their level of understanding and that I should do more than just listen to the speaker. The people here are awesome and are all incredibly nice but their superior understanding of the situation has made me feel uncomfortable. During our meals (which are insanely delicious) I will hear them talking about speakers, books, articles that they have read and are using for their thesis and how this program is giving them great information on what to right. Even during the various I will see them taking notes while I’m just sitting there listening. Should I do more than just listen? Right now I’m torn as I am not sure what to do regarding this issue. There isn’t much to do around here, it will be a good time to reflect about the issue.


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