Oh the Food!

My first few weeks in Bosnia have delighted my palate with surprise after pleasant surprise. This past weekend, I found myself in the beautiful coastal town of Neum – where I was again met with tasty treats. For dinner the first night, we decided to dine at our hotel, Guest House Babic. While we didn’t know what to expect (besides selecting fish or chicken), we were pleasantly surprised with the most delectable feast!

When we arrived, we were served a soup with noodles and vegetables with bread. It slightly resembled homemade chicken noodle soup without the chicken. (The second night included a broccoli soup that was my favorite and absolutely amazing!) After we finished our soup, the rest of the very large spread started to arrive. First, the chicken and fish was brought out. I had ordered the fish since I figured it would be especially fresh being right on the coast – and I was not disappointed. The fish was cooked and served whole with lemon and a pesto-like sauce to drizzle over it. Along with our main course of chicken or fish, we were also served plate after plate of deliciousness:

  • A mix of cooked vegetables that reminded me of the vegetables in a homemade, slow-cooked pot roast… one of my all time favorite meals
  • A fresh tomato, cucumber, and olive oil salad
  • Seasoned cabbage (the cabbage in Bosnia is out of this world!)
  •  And last but definitely not least, the best pomfrits that I’ve had since arriving. (This is saying a lot since there are many places with amazing pomfrits!)

Just when we thought we were done – and stuffed to the brim, I might add – Milan, the hotel owner, brought out hot crepes filled with marmalade! Although we were incredibly full, we gladly ate our dessert and left with smiles on all of our faces. Mmm mmm mmm!!!



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