Turning 24

On Friday I turned 24. I was in Neum, spending four days on the beach with friends. It was a good day – sun, water, wine, and good food. It was also the first birthday I’ve ever spent away from my family. For the last few weeks I was a little nervous about being away for my birthday. I kind of expected that I would be really sad on the day of, and that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself. I’m really glad that this wasn’t the case. The girls I was with are awesome. We rented a paddleboat WITH A SLIDE ON IT and they surprised me with a cake made of a few of my favorite things. I laughed all day long and went to sleep happy. 



Vacations are always exhausting for me. I have a great time for as long as I’m away, but as soon as it’s time to go home, I am absolutely ready. And this vacation was no different. By Sunday morning, I was anxious to get on the 2 o’clock bus and head back home. Home to Sarajevo. I was so relieved to walk back into the hostel, drop my bags on the floor of my room, and curl up in my bed.  

It was kind of a funny moment to catch myself thinking of Sarajevo as home and not just somewhere I’m visiting. By the end of this week, I’ll have been here for one month. I’m always going to remember this last weekend for all sorts of geeky and comedic reasons, but also because it was the moment when I realized I have a life in Sarajevo that I love. 


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