Butik Badem

Butik Badem

This week I am going to share my love for Butik Badem. Most of you have already encountered Badem which is known to us as the “candy store” in Baščaršija but oh my goodness it is so much more than just a ‘candy’ shop. It is a heavenly paradise full of dried fruits, chocolate covered nuts, candied almonds, pink, blue and green sunflower seeds, exotic spices, and Turkish delights. Amongst all the other sweets and bonbons it offers. Also interesting fact, Badem is translated into Almonds. So Boutique Almonds. Who knows why I am so passionate about chocolate covered nuts and dried fruits but I totally am. The other day I went in and fell in love. With dried figs of course. It’s a round globe of fig paste rolled in sesame seeds with a hazelnut in the middle. And if you don’t already know, which you all probably do, I LOVE figs! I bought a jar of authentic Dubrovnik fig honey (with whole pieces of dried figs still inside) when we went to Croatia so if anyone would like to try some let me know. Also loving that the markets are full of figs now, the time has come and I am so delighted. Anyways Butik Badem is my paradise on Earth and I hope to go often during the week and try a different Bosnian delight every time. Here is a picture, I did not take it but I found it on their facebook page.


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