A Week of Firsts

This week was a week of firsts.  Three things I have never done before, but experienced this past week:


1)    Hiking

Yes, I know.  As a California native and current Colorado resident, the fact that I have never been hiking before is blasphemous.  I fixed that, however, and took the plunge this week with a hike to Lukomir.  The hike took about 3 hours, there were gorgeous views and three generations of Lukomir women awaited us at the top with fresh pita and coffee.  However, nature is dirty and I don’t really possess the balance necessary to skillfully traverse uneven or unpaved terrain.  In the end, I don’t think hiking is for me, but I’m glad to have experienced it either way.


2)    Haggling

Haggling makes me feel uncomfortable.  Most likely because it’s not something often practiced in U.S. culture, but possibly also because it makes me feel greedy or self-entitled to ask for a lower price for intricate and personalized gifts made by several generations of a family- especially when they are already so gracious. While I let others do most of the work, I did participate in the process and saved some precious KM.  I don’t think a career as a businesswoman is in my future, though.


3)    Vandalizing

Vandalism is bad…except on the former Olympic bobsled run in Sarajevo, of course.  As a group, we walked the bobsled run and made our mark on Sarajevo.  We had one representing the group- or as it is often called around the hostel, the ‘collective’- and one that was personalized.  It was definitely my first time defacing public property and as far as I can remember, my first time using spray paint period.  It’s simple, but I like the way it turned out and I like the idea that a little part of me will stay here in Sarajevo.  ImageImage


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