Blog 6 – Being sick sucks

(What impacted you the most this week)


Being sick sucks

Being sick sucks.  Yes it does.  I have not been this sick in a verrrrrryyy long time.  I am stuck at the hostel…dizzy, woozy, scuzzy, and, more generally, blah.  All I can do, really, is sleep.   Every once in a while, I wake up and check the news on the internet.  I have had some nice reminders that there is a world beyond us here in Bosnia…which I’m sure most of us just want to get back to at this point.  As such, I thought I’d catch you up on some of it…

Hockey News:

– Yesterday was Olympic Monday.  The US just released its list of invitees for orientation camp for Sochi.    Even better, so has Canada, and Corey Perry (Anaheim Ducks) is on it!  Still better, Russia has, too, and Bryzgalov is NOT on it!  What are the Russians thinking?

– The NHL has released next season’s schedule and, due to the realignment, the San Jose Sharks will have to travel 57,612 miles this season.  That’s enough miles to go around the Earth about two and a half times. 

– The NHL will continue on with the ridiculous extravagance of playing league games in baseball stadiums.  This time around, Dodger Stadium is on the list.  Really??  Who plays outdoor hockey in Southern California??

World News:

– Morsi is still (!) being held in an undisclosed location.  His son is now taking legal action against the army.  28 EU members have called for Morsi’s release.  9 more people were killed in clashes.  (I’m kind of glad Egypt beat Bosnia at handball yesterday.  They could do with some good news.)

– The Joint Chiefs have outlined military options for intervention in Syria.  I predict none of them will go well.

– The Gansu Province of China experienced a 6.6 magnitude earthquake yesterday.  The death toll is currently at 94.

Society News:

– Royal baby boy!  Need I say more?

Random News (Seriously Random):

– You can get time off in purgatory if you just follow the Pope’s Twitter feed.

– Smokey the Bear has changed his tone.  He no longer gives warnings or scolds you if you make a mistake.  The new ads show him giving a ‘bear hug’ in exchange for good fire-prevention behavior.  Yay for fire safety…but I’m thinking that’s gonna be bad for bear safety.

– Dubai has come up with a fabulous weight loss promotion.  It is literally paying its citizens to lose weight.  1 gram of gold per each kilogram lost by 16 August.

– The town of Deer Trail in Colorado is considering issuing licenses to shoot down drones.  I think that’s kind of fabulous.  The FAA disagrees.

– And finally, for all you sci-fi fans out there, Consumer Reports has determined that most homeowner insurance policies would cover damage caused by a “sharknado.”  A tornado is a wind event (generally covered) and the sharks would be falling objects (also generally covered) caused by the wind event.  So there you go.


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