I’m running out of clever titles

Sarajevo is a wonderful city. Most of my time spent here in Bosnia has been in Sarajevo and I really cannot express how wonderful the time spent here has been. However every time I leave the city and see BiH and its wonderful wilderness I wonder why I am staying in the city.

Last week we hiked to Lukomir thanks to my awesome internship Green Visions. The hike was one of my favorites. The scenery was beyond stunning. Most of the trail is on the side of a mountain next to this canyon where you can see an entire valley and other small isolated villages that sparsely populate the peaks.  The evergreen forests in this canyon really added color to the mountains as their peaks were a dark gray and some white where the snow hadn’t completely melted. Then there was the trail itself. When hiking I love climbing over rocks, jumping over them and figuring out a place where you can put your feet and keep your momentum going. To me those are the best possible hikes. That trail was exactly it; plenty of childish fun to be had. The stops that we took were also extraordinary. We stopped on these boulders that overlooked the canyon, needless to say one of the best pictures ever taken were on these rocks.


This past Friday our group stopped by Kravica falls and once again the natural beauty is indescribable. The water falls were noisy as the water kept rushing down but the mist that was created from the water hitting the rocks helped to survive the insane heat from that day. A little slice of heaven during a day hot like hell. 


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