A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words (or 1,000 Calories)

I have both taken and been a part of some pretty amazing pictures since I arrived in Sarajevo.  Scenery, people and of course food have all been highlighted in our collective photo albums.  As such, it is very difficult to choose one photo that is particularly special or that encapsulates my time here.  But, that’s the assignment, so I must.  The photo I have chosen is one of our Sunday night family dinners- Thanksgiving Edition.  There are photos that are more breathtaking or that show our adventures (or mishaps in the case of rafting), but I have chosen this photo based not on its surface value but on what it represents.  Every week, our chefs prepare a shopping list, The Collective divides responsibilities, and the result is a delicious meal and a great way to wind down the weekend.  I think that this sense of community and generosity is a testament to the relationships we have formed here that have played a big role in making this summer such a great experience.  I also think that, in this way, The Collective has adopted many of the traits that have made Bosnia such a warm and welcoming place.  Who knows, maybe we can pass as Bosnians instead of Amerikanke after all.  



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