An overview of Kyrene’s final travel plans as we descend to the end of our journey

With two weeks remaining, I find it even harder to sleep, and while the days go by slower, the time seems to be speeding up. During the day, it feels as if time is standing still, however when I finally crawl into bed I realize that WOW, that is one day less in Sarajevo. Of course, this is a bittersweet feeling, but its incredible how a sense of time can be viewed in so many different ways, and I know that now towards the end of the program all senses of time will be quickened, so I thought it would be fun to lay out my plans for the next 19 days until I return to my home in the great Colorado.


On Wednesday, a group of us are headed off to Istanbul, which everyone is very excited about! I can’t wait, especially since I had never intended to go to Istanbul! I am sure it will be a great experience, and I am excited to learn even more about a different culture. It will also be interesting to see Istanbul in comparison to Sarajevo since there seems to be so much Turkish influence on Bosnian culture.


We will then return to Sarajevo on Sunday night. The following few days will be a rush of getting everything organized and ready, as well as tying up my two months in Sarajevo by saying goodbye to the people and places I have been able to spend time with. We have a final dinner on Wednesday, and Thursday…who knows!


On Friday August 9th, I will hop on a bus at 8 a.m. all the way to Vienna, Austria. Here I will spend two nights, hopefully enough time to see some things and meet new people J On August 11th, I will catch another bus to Prague, Czech Republic. Here, I will revisit my friend Kristyna who was actually here this past weekend. It’ll be nice to have a tour of the city given by a true Czech native! After two nights staying in her family’s apartment with her, I will again head off by bus all the way to Berlin, Germany. This destination will be very special, as I finished my advanced seminar this past spring that was an intensive course on World War II. I enjoyed this class very much, and I cannot wait to see what Berlin will be like. I will again spend two nights in Berlin in a hostel recommended by Rachel (same person who recommended the hostel in Vienna…THANKS!!!!) My final destination is Paris, France. I will take a flight from Berlin to Paris and stay two nights in le village hostel, which is located in Montmartre. I have studied French and have always wanted to go…it will be great to finally visit a culture and place that has played such a large role in my studies! I will hopefully meet a friend in Paris whom I have not seen since 5th grade, which would be a fantastic final touch to my first travel abroad experience.  We will see! Finally, I depart back to Denver on August 17th, with a connecting flight in Chicago and arrive at 5:30 p.m. (I AM SO EXCITED!!!) Hopefully everything goes smoothly!!! Words cannot describe my overwhelming brew of emotions that has been going wild with anticipation…. Wish me luck! 


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